Return to your Healthy Tradition by choosing Organic Farming

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Return to your Healthy Tradition by choosing Organic Farming

Don’t take Organic farming as a trend because it is our tradition. In earlier days, Organic Farming was one of the majorly implemented Agriculture practise in India. But later on, we got blinded by the benefits of chemicals and even neglected the high health risks that causes due to these harmful Pesticides. Now it's time to revert back to our tradition by choosing the Organic Farming as a major Agricultural practice. Organic Farming is proficiently contributing to the betterment of our health by reducing pesticide exposure. We all should come together to reinvent our tradition while saving our loved ones from harmful pesticides. 

What is Organic Farming?

‘Organic Farming is Farming without Chemicals’. Until the mid twentieth century, Agriculture means organic farming. At that time this farming practise was a way of life and was not considered as a substitute system of agriculture as we do now. According to a survey, India is recognized as one of the Prominent Hub for 30% of the total Organic Producers in the world, But nowadays most of them are struggling due to poor policy measures which includes rising input cost and limited area of market. 

As per the World of Organic Agriculture 2018 Report, Organic Farming elucidates only 2.59% of the overall organic cultivation area of 57.8 million Hectares. While embracing Organic the Organic Producers claimed 30% drop in yields. Sikkim, which is accredited as the first organic state of India is also evident of problems while embracing Organic Farming in State. In a survey, it was found that terminating the use of chemical fertilizers was not actualized with the increase in obtainability of organic manure, which causes huge loss to the Organic Producers. The Organic Farmers also make complaints regarding the low productivity rate of crops, which is caused while switching from Chemical Farming to Organic Farming and the major reason behind it is the shortage of Organic Manure. 

Organic Producers-The Masters of Real Food Movements

Still with numbers of shortcomings in Organic Farming in India, Indian Farmers surpassed Mexico and Uganda in the field of Organic Farming and managed to become World’s largest Country in terms of maximum numbers of Organic Producers. Multiple numbers of surveys are evident to an instant rise in demand of Organic Food from consumers. Organic Foods are appealing numbers of consumers due to its high benefits for health. Most of the people are trying to explore nature’s pathway by choosing Organic Farming over Chemical Farming with awareness of Ecological Hazards caused due to chemical based farming. 

According to a study of 2016, India had 8,35,000 numbers of Organic Producers. This number is more than 3 times higher than numbers of Organic Producers in Mexico and Uganda. Mexico has 2,10,000 number of Organic Farmers, whereas Uganda has 2,10,252 number of Organic Producers. So, Facts and figures are also evident to the conclusion that India is leading the Organic Market in the world prominently.  

Organic Food is an Exposure to the Increased Nutritional Quality

How our food is produced, holds a crucial impact on our physical and mental health as a whole. We all must have proper awareness regarding the food that we consume on a daily basis as our regular diet. We should opt for Organic food available in the market over food produced by using chemicals to improve our Health. These Organic Foods hold more beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants. It is even helpful to reduce allergies of Consumers caused by Preservatives and chemicals found in food. 

Major Merits of Organic Foods

Improves Overall Health: Organic Foods are not produced,prepared or processed by utilizing any chemical. Organic Food Production strictly disallow the use of any toxic chemical substance like fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, that is majorly utilized in chemical based Farming Practises. Organic food is in high demand due to its health benefits. It is helpful to improve overall health of Human Body.

Major Source of Antioxidants: Antioxidant Content of Organic Food is majorly contributing to improve the overall health, as these organic food products are free from any harmful chemical substance. There are numbers of positive impact of Antioxidants which includes prevention of heart disease, vision problems, cancer, premature aging and cognitive malfunction. 

GMO Free Food Products: Genetically Modified Organisms or Genetically Engineered food products causes a number of negative impacts on our overall health. These food products are prepared by altering the DNA of plants by utilizing Genetically Modified Organisms. There are a number of drawbacks associated with GMO Food, which includes cancer, allergic reactions and many more.  

Decline the Risks of Immune System: In Chemical based farming, the farmers are opting for quantity over quality, which leads to high chemical use for more production of food. This causes a reduction in immune system strength. But, by consuming Organic Food we can decline the high risks of Immune System. Organic foods have higher nutrient content including vitamins and minerals, which strengthen the human immune system.

Consume Nutritious Food Products: Organic Food Products are a rich source of essential nutrients. Organic meat, Organic milk, Organic fish, and Organic poultry contains holds high nutritional value as they are free from Modified Ingredients. The nutritional content of Organic Food is always high in comparison to the conventional agricultural food products. 

Reinvent your Traditional Practices to improve your quality of life by choosing the Organic Food Products over Conventional Agricultural Food Products.

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