Need for B2B Portal that is Conceptualized only for Genuine Manufacturers

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Need for B2B Portal that is Conceptualized only for Genuine Manufacturers

B2B Portal is an Online Platform through which Buyers and Sellers can interact and can carry out the operations for their Business in real time. There is a huge demand for such Online Platform that can successfully connect the Buyers with the Genuine Manufacturers as well, so that they can efficiently source the Products at a Legitimate Industry Price. In this huge Global Market, scouting a Genuine Manufacturer is too hectic for Buyers, as through out their search operation for Certified Manufacturers, they will find numbers of Traders, Distributors and Sellers hiding behind the mask of Genuine Manufacturers. To take off that mask, there is an urgent need for a common podium which can present an Organized list of Manufacturers with the proof of their manufacturing units. Such kind of portal will efficiently pave an easy-peasy path for the Buyers, which will allow them to identify the Genuine Manufacturers of India at just a few clicks of button. 

How it will revolutionize the Indian Manufacturing Industry? 

The Indian Manufacturing Industry is witnessing the high Growth rate in the last few years with inception of Make in India campaign and Digital India. This industry is efficiently contributing 16% to the overall GDP of India. India represents 2% to the World’s Manufacturing Output. With the emergence of efficient B2B portal that is specifically conceptualized for Genuine Manufacturers in India will successfully bring revolution in the manufacturing industry of India. It offers an unchallenging platform to the Manufacturers of India to promote their Business at Global level. This allows the Certified Manufacturers to enlist or register their Business with Verified Manufacturers Directory, that will help them to empower their Manufacturing Business in India. The Indian Manufacturing Industry has the potential to provide the large scale of Employment to young population in India. There are few core-sectors of India that is outshining as examples of world-class excellence including Textile Industry, Auto Components, and Petrochemicals. All these industries of India are creating benchmark in competitive Global Manufacturing Industry. 

Challenges faced by the Buyers while finding Genuine Manufacturers 

Initially with the emergence of B2B portal in India, it becomes easy for the Buyers to connect with the Manufacturers. But still they are not being able to connect with the genuine manufacturers, because there are numerous listed Traders, Dealers and Wholesalers acting as Manufacturers on those common platforms, which creates hurdle for Buyers to identify the Real Manufacturers. Throughout the entire supply process of Products from Manufacturers to the Buyers, various intermediators includes in between such as Wholesalers, Retailers, and Distributors and each intermediator in this distribution channel receive particular possession amount during the physical transfer of goods to the Buyers. To overcome all these challenges and obstacles, there is an urgent requirement for an efficient portal, through which the buyers can source the products directly from the Genuine Manufacturers while saving the possession amount. 

An Online Marketplace for Small Retailers

Until recently, numbers of B2B Portals failed to create its impact in unorganized market of India. But, after Demonetization and influence of Digital India, the need for Digitalization exceeded, as the demonetization and GST changes influenced the small business retailers to utilize the digital means to operate their Business. Since the end of 2016, the number of B2B Portals efficiently achieved a prosperous position in the market. The expansion of these portals are proficiently fostering high benefits to the small business Retailers of India. Through this Online Marketplace, they can source Goods from leading and certified Manufacturers at an accessible and reasonable Industry price. According to the report of April 2016, the B2B Global Market Size is anticipated to be around $700 billion by 2020. Somehow it is also empowering the overall Indian Manufacturing Industry. 

Contribution of B2B Portal in Make in India Campaign

The main objective of “Make in India” Campaign is to transform India into Global Level Manufacturing Hub and to boost the development of Indian manufacturing industry, the inception of B2B Portal is immensely needed, as they have potential to grow their business overseas as well. The B2B Portals encourages the Indian Manufacturing Industry to expand their Business Worldwide through an efficient platform. These Online Marketplaces are immensely contributing to the Make in India Campaign, while empowering the Manufacturing Business of India. In a short span of time, these platforms vigorously spending their resources and time, while empowering the digital marketing to distribute their products and services worldwide.

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