Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data Protection Laws In India

The Privacy Policy of Get Manufacturers is formulated to offer best services to the Certified Indian Manufacturers and Buyers, those are considerate that how their Data Protection Laws In India is going to be used by our B2B Portal. It is used to identify an individual person from their Public Records like Phone Book, Corporate Directories and Websites. It holds proper information about every individual person, which is collected by an Agency and that helps to trace the information about any individual like their Name, Contact Details, and many more information that are essential to become a Member of our Website. 

To move further with our Services, Please carefully read our Privacy Policy for a better understanding about this Online Portal and to know how we are gathering your Personal data, where we apply them, Protect them or otherwise maintain Your Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy of our Website or Portal.

What Personal Information of Individual do we Gather from Users that Visit our Blog, Website or App?

When the User place any Order or Enlist their Business on our Portal, they may be asked to fill their Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Company Details, Products Details And Images Of Products Or Other Details, so that it can enhance their Browsing Experience on our Website.

When do we ask Users for their Personal Information?

We ask Users to fill their Information, when they Register their Business or place any Order on our Portal. The User can Fill Out a Form available on our Website or can enter their Information Manually.

How do We use Information of Individual on our Website?

We can use the Personal Information that we Gathered from you, When you Enlist your Business in our Verified Indian Manufacturers Directory, Place an Order through Our Portal, Sign Up to get access to our Website’s Newsletter, Proceed to a Survey or Establish Marketing Communication, Browse through the Website, When you Enlist your Profile on our Portal as a Member, Respond to the Query of Buyers by sending your details, or when you use any other features of our website in such a way.

How do We Protect the Information of our Users? 

  • To Make the Visit of Users as safe as possible, Our Website or Portal is scanned periodically for Security Purpose and Known Vulnerabilities. 
  • We use Regular Malware Scanning. 
  • We Do Use an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, which helps to Create a Secure Link between a Website and a Visitor’s Browser. 

Do We Use Cookies? 

Yes, We use Cookies on our Website to improve the Browsing Experience of Users, which is used to Trace the Website Activity. Basically, Cookies acts as an Identification Card of Users that are provided by the Server. It is a Small Text File that is transferred by the Website Server to keep Track of every single Movement done by the Users within the site. When the User enables Cookies on their Browser, when they are asked, then we get access to recognize your Browser and record certain information that you entered on our website voluntarily. 

The Cookies allow us to Keep Record the Items that you added in your Shopping Cart. On your Current Site Activities, it also helps us to know your preference regarding Products, it empowers us to Provide you with well-improved Services of our Portal. To provide better Browsing Experience and Tools to the Users on our Website, we use Cookies to assemble Aggregate Data About Site Traffic And Site Interaction. 

We Use Cookies to:

  • Compile Aggregate Data About Site Traffic and Site Interactions
  • We use Cookies to Remember the Preference of Users to enhance their future Visit Experience on our Website.
  • The User can also choose to Turn Off all Cookies, although it can affect their browsing experience on our Website. 
  • To learn more about Cookies, the User can also Check their Browser’s Menu. 

Third-Party Disclosure

Without Providing Users with Prior Notice, we never Sell, Trade, or Transfer your Personal Information to any other Party or Third-Party.

Third-Party Links

We are not linking Users of our Website with any Third-Party Products or Services. For Banners Link, We Suggest the User to Please Check Once Before Visiting the Banner Link Website. We are not responsible for the provided Link as they are presented by the User’s Side.


Google’s Advertising Requirements can be concluded according to Google’s Advertising Principles. They are added to provide best and positive Browsing Experience to the Users throughout our Website.

We have not enabled Google AdSense on our site but we may do so in the future.

Data Protection Framework

Data Protection Framework is the term used for Set of Standards, which is used to administer the collection and use of Individual’s Personal Data and addressing issues of Privacy and Accuracy. The concept of this practice is to limit the Collection of an Individual’s Personal Data or any other data about them should be obtained only by lawful and fair means. 

Users have Unsubscribe Option from Email

With the sets of rules and regulations for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to stop receiving email whenever they want. This Act covers all Commercial Emails, the Primary Purpose of which is the Commercial Advertisement or Promotion of a Commercial Product or Services. 

We collect the User’s Email Address for the purpose of:

  • To Send Information regarding their Queries.
  • Allow Users to Unsubscribe by using the link provided below the Email.

The WEBPULSE SOLUTION PVT. LTD., Parent Company of Get Manufacturers reserves the right to block or delete the webpage at any time without assigning any reason etc. and the member/s will have no claim or right whatsoever against Webpulse Solution Pvt. Ltd. under any circumstances.

Contacting Us

If Users have any questions or queries regarding the privacy policy of Our Portal, then they can contact us using the information below.

71/7A, 2nd Floor, Rama Road Industrial Area, New Delhi-110015

 Phone: 9911244888

Changes in Privacy Policy

The policy may change from time to time, so users are requested to check it periodically.

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